Words of Wisdom for Dealing with Adversity and Uncertainty

Mark J. Komen, President
Kodyne, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN


The last couple of years have been trying and difficult times for many of us.  Businesses as well as social institutions and even families have been turned upside down and inside out as we’ve seemingly been buffeted by a continuous wave of crises.  It’s easy during those times to give in to moments of self-doubt and fear.

So, I asked some Minnesota business leaders – “what words of wisdom do you have for encouraging yourself and your staff? How do you keep a positive attitude?”

Here’s what they said.

Mike McGuire of McGuire Benefits embraces an optimistic approach to dealing with adversity.  “Every day is a new day.” This mindset allows him to wipe the slate clean from being consumed with yesterday’s issues and start the day with new possibilities.  This is not the same as ignoring what happened, it’s understanding that things take time and those situations that appear to be dead ends, may re-appear in the future.


“Always operate with the highest level of integrity and honestly. Train and reinforce those [values] with employees, family and friends. When adversity comes it is easier to face when you know that you’ve done the best that you can,” offers Steve Gilbertson of Electramatic, Inc.  He goes on to state,”When you are honest regarding uncertainty, those around you get accustomed to the truth and there are less surprises. Talk about uncertainty openly and you dispel the unknown.”  He also suggests that business leaders “start meetings and conversations with a positive thought or event, there are negative things that you need to deal with but don’t let that be the focus.”