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Individual Services   We offer situational and developmental coaching approaches for facilitating individual, management and leadership growth. These engagements can be one-on-one or with groups. Each one-on-one coaching engagement is uniquely tailored to your individual needs and may include some of the profiling tools discussed below.      Read More
Team Services Our work with teams was honed by over 30 years of leading, managing, training and consulting with cross-functional and self-directed/self-managed work teams. Team Launch This service helps teams get off to a good start by assessing their objectives, interfaces, expectations and support systems. The work aims to address where the team is going, how they’re going to get there and how they want to work together.   Team Assessment and…   Read More
Organizational Services   We offer a variety of organization development and facilitation services. Process Development and Facilitation Project Management These organization-specific services are focused on the people, process, and technology sides of getting the job done effectively. Typical engagements include resolving conflicts, building relationships, clarifying expectations, mapping/designing processes and implementing change. Organizational Culture Assessment Change…  Read More
 Mark J. Komen, founder and President of Kodyne, Inc., brings a wealth of large corporate and small business experience to his work as a management consultant and business coach. One of his guiding beliefs is that all organizations need effective leadership as the benefits extend to employees, customers, vendors, and anyone with a stake in the business. As such, Mark has worked with managers and executives in numerous industries to help them…   Read More

Where are you going?

Do you have a strategic direction for your organization?  Looking to the future from where you are today can be a daunting task.  Working together, we can assist you to create the future you want or need.

We believe that having effective and ethical leadership is critical to the success of any organization.  It’s the leader’s job to set the direction and guide the organization towards the future.  We provide the tools and support for doing just that.

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How are you going to get there?

Once you’ve decided on a direction, how are you going to move forward?

If you’re already on your way, what’s next to consider?

What does your organization need to look like to achieve your objectives?

We believe that thoughtful planning, continuous improvement and mutual accountability are keys to achieving the future you desire.  We have extensive experience in organization design as well as business process and quality system development to help you maximize your operations and create an organization that works.

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How are you going to work together?

What organizational culture do you need to be successful?

How are things REALLY getting done in your shop?

What’s important to the success of your teams?

How do you hire the right people?

We specialize in getting people on the same page and in alignment with your organization’s guiding principles.  See our Team Services and Organizational Services pages for more information.


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Since 2019, 5 companies I have worked with have SOLD SUCCESSFULLY. The industries include Engineering, Marketing Communications, IT, Manufacturing and Distribution. To learn more, please contact me at mark@kodyne.com.


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We are offering the 7 Stage methodology for accelerating organization growth and joined the consulting/coaching team at 7 Stage Advisors