“I received a great deal of value from my TAB membership.  I got a better handle on business basics and the importance of planning and goal setting.  I learned a lot and felt my membership was totally worth the investment.”

“Mark and my TAB group provided strategic thinking and a comfortable sounding board where I gained confidence in my decision-making by discussing my issues with people who understand small business.”

“Mark opened my eyes to making our organization better.  He gave me a vocabulary around culture and the difference between culture and climate.  He also gave us a framework for assessing organizational skills which tied directly to our employee evaluations.  We discussed leadership and the need to balance the task and behavior sides of leading.  I enjoyed working with Mark – he listened to my issues and gave me good feedback.”

“Mark was quick to understand the ins and outs of my business from the services we provide, industries served and challenges we run into.  His guidance on short and long-term goal setting has been really valuable. Mark has helped me prioritize my time, delegate more and figure out how to work less.  He is positive, approachable, and insightful. Very easy and enjoyable to work with.”

“Mark did an excellent job keeping our meetings on topic, focused and comprehensive.  I highly recommend TAB to both young new leaders and experienced leaders.”

“Mark is by far and away the best facilitator I have worked with in my forty-year career.  He consistently brings us back to the path and usually points us the correct direction on the path – in a timely fashion.  Mark repeatedly demonstrate his ability to take individual issues and summarize into broader topics.  He takes detail and summarize into big picture items that can be addressed strategically.  Mark’s knowledge breadth allowed him to do this over a broad array of topics from human resource issues to finance related topics.”

“On an individual basis, Mark repeatedly demonstrated his ability to communicate on a one-to-one basis, working with each of us in our TAB group to formalize our understanding of our individual management styles and using that information has helped refine our communication and management skills.” 

“From a facilitation standpoint, Mark has demonstrated monthly, his abilities to bring a diverse group of individuals together, and to meld us into a team for offering useful insights into issues affecting one or more of our team members.  Rarely do I leave one of Mark’s meetings without several good ideas from other team members.”

“Each month [in our TAB group] Mark guides our conversations (which would sometimes last much longer without his occasional restraint!).  Mark also incorporates specific learning opportunities and has a one-on-one discussion with each of us each month.  These are all interesting and helpful.”

“Mark has the analytical mind of an engineer and the empathetic heart of a counselor.  These talents, plus years of real life experience, make Mark a valuable consultant I recommend to others.”

“I know if I refer a work team to Mark, they will receive top-level, professional assistance.

“Mark’s assessment tools provided us with a blatantly clear picture of our team situation.  The elephant was quite visible in the room – not hidden!  The effects were more powerful than I expected.”

“Our Board of Directors considered our Board workshop a great success and credited Mark with its success. The Board definitely would like a continued relationship with Mark.”

“Mark was extremely easy to work with and was a master at blending his role as facilitator, consultant, and coach through our engagement. He made “not knowing what you don’t know, until you know it” very easy.

“Mark’s approach was comprehensive, stimulating, and focused. One outstanding feature was that there was never down time where participants were searching for something to say or unable to track the logic of the work.”

“I’ve been a member of other peer groups but I like the intimacy, format, and content of my TAB group.  Our focus on business metrics has helped me to better manage my business and the group brings me a healthy degree of accountability.

“Mark has helped me mature into my role as President.  He tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.”

“I found that TAB was indispensable and well worth the cost of membership.  Family and friends can be, of course, sources of great support and encouragement but they often lack the experience and unvarnished objectivity of fellow TAB members.  I cannot begin to imagine ever trying to go it alone.”

“Mark Komen is a skilled facilitator and coach who really “gets it”.  Whether in a TAB meeting or in a 1:1 coaching session, an hour with Mark results in an actionable plan forward in dealing with the concerns of a small business owner, since he’s one himself.  Mark and the TAB members always kept me on track and focused.”

“I’ve gotten great value out of my participation in TAB. My board is truly my board – providing me with honest and frank feedback, insight into struggles or challenges I experience in the course of doing business, and much-appreciated support! Along with all of this is how well it works to hold me accountable to my goals and strategies. TAB has been very helpful in keeping me on track and focused.”

“Mark was great to work with. He is patient, perceptive, and a good listener…qualities that are sometimes hard to come by.

“Because of his past association experience, Mark was quickly able to identify our needs and the tools to effectively move forward with our candidate selection process.”

“Mark was great at explaining the tools we needed and to communicate them to me in an understandable, concise manner.”