Kalli Matsuhashi, LP, MA
Executive Confidante

Executive Confidante works with the owners, family members, and employees of family businesses, turning interpersonal conflicts into healthier, more productive teamwork. Kalli Matsuhashi, owner of Executive Confidante, helps restore and maintain long term healthy relationships among family members, whether they are working in the business or not. Kalli collaborates with attorneys and financial advisors on succession and estate planning, and supports growing family businesses in building the structures the business needs to transition from an entrepreneurial start-up to a professionally managed business. She advises on the family aspects of family businesses, working with an interdisciplinary team as appropriate to address conflict, improving communication, and address behavioral issues of or among family members (e.g., addictions, abuse).

The Performance Excellence Network

Founded in 1987, the Performance Excellence Network is a non-profit corporation that advances improvement and performance excellence within organizations, individuals and communities.  The Network helps leaders identify strengths and improvement opportunities and builds networks that bring information, resources, knowledge and best practices to organizations desiring to improve.  PEN and the national Alliance for Performance Excellence are affiliated with the US Department of Commerce’s Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award program.

7 Stage Advisors

7 Stage Advisors addresses the needs of small to mid-market firms in a variety of ways. Many of our clients come to us so we can help them accelerate and sustain their business growth. Maybe you are looking to grow your revenue?  Increase your profits?  Franchise? Exit?  or…Maybe your business development strategies are no longer working as they once did?  Or you have reached your capacity on your management team or in your operations?… And now you are in need of next-level strategies to take your business forward. 7Stage Advisors brings a team of experts to address these issues with you and jump-start your company’s journey.

The Alternative Board®-TAB Twin Cities

Business advisory board and business coaching services for the small-to-midsize business owner.  Also, the local site for news and events for The Alternative Board in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area.

Business Coaching Twin Cities

Business coaching, consulting and advisory board services offered through Kodyne, Inc. and The Alternative Board.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEEE’s Engineering Management Society fosters the latest thinking in technology and organizational management and leadership research.