We offer a variety of organization development and facilitation services.

Embedding the Principles of Performance Excellence

The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence has been used by thousands of organizations to begin the journey towards world-class performance.  The Baldrige Integrated Management System framework comprises 7 categories: leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, workforce focus, operations focus, measurement/analysis/knowledge management and results.  A Baldrige program is not just for large corporations; small to mid-size organizations can derive immense benefit from understanding and embedding these principles.

Process Development and Facilitation
Project Management

These organization-specific services are focused on the people, process and technology sides of getting the job done effectively. Typical engagements include resolving conflicts, building relationships, clarifying expectations, mapping/designing processes and implementing change.

Organizational Culture Assessment
Change Levers
Organization Design

We use highly reliable and extensively validated assessment inventories, allowing an organization to take a snapshot of its current culture, design an ideal culture, and address closing the gaps between them. These inventories take their input from employees at all levels in the organization, creating a detailed picture of what shared behavioral expectations are in place. Identifying high-impact change levers gives the organization the focus to move forward.

Strategic Hiring Support

We believe hiring for key positions requires careful consideration of your organizational culture.  Our process incorporates this critical facet of hiring in conjunction with complementary considerations to give you the tools to make a confident hiring decision and support successful on-boarding of new hires.

Infrastructure Issues/Policies and Practices

These items are part of the mechanisms that reinforce organizational culture. Where culture changes are required to move your organization to a new state, we can assist in the review of these key elements to ensure alignment.

Strategic Architecture

Our approach to strategic architecture combines elements of strategic planning, organization design and internal systems and skills development in a time-phased manner to meet your organization’s needs as it grows.

Strategic Business Leadership®

Where traditional strategic planning approaches are often cumbersome and expensive, SBL® is a strategic planning service specifically designed to meet the needs of the small-to-midsize business. This service can be delivered on a stand-alone basis or combined with our Strategic Architecture or Organizational Culture Assessment offerings to help build or re-focus a business. We have successfully adapted and implemented this process for use with not-for-profit organizations as well.

Merger and Acquisition Support

Using many of our tools above, we are able to assist you in M&A pre- and post-planning activities which may include setting strategic direction, integrating work cultures, breaking down silos, building effective teams, creating new infrastructure, reviewing and strengthening processes and enhancing leadership.  Contact us to address your specific situation.

Thinking About Selling Your Business?

We can help you address the specific aspects of your business that would attract premium offers from interested and motivated buyers.  We also help you through the business exit process and launching your new life after the sale with our Business Transition Support Services program.