A New Approach for Growing Employee Capabilities – Behaviorally Anchored Self Assessment (BASA)

Elaine Pattison

Summerhill Associates, LLC

Mound, MN

BASA is a robust approach which improves performance reviews and all aspects of setting and increasing wages.  Quick, accurate, and much more readable, BASA has been accepted as a standard for assessing performance.  It will replace prior systems comfortably and is seen as fair even if some people do not get the raises they had hoped.  Whether you are in manufacturing or service, employee training and capability must be more measurable and result in shorter cycle time with less waste.

Improved performance is more achievable with increased collaboration–essential in today’s workplace.  BASA is not only collaboratively created but increases day-to-day collaboration among workers and thus makes for more effective processes. For example, multi-shift operations have more frequent language and training issues directly impacting process communications between shifts.  BASA deals with these problems in a highly collaborative way.  When difficulties do arise, BASA is likely to be more legally defensive due to its non-judgmental approach.

Retaining key employees requires a visible and fair system for performance reviews, and when necessary, termination of unproductive employees or lay-offs. As the economy improves, there will be a need for hiring the best candidates for new jobs.  BASA works as an extremely good predictor of future performance and is legally sound for both 90 Day and Annual Performance Reviews.

What is BASA?

  • Assessment tool for technical, production, and administrative skills
  • Easy to use
  • Objective system to show employee capability growth over time

How is BASA used?

  • Applicant interviews
  • Employee performance reviews
  • Employee training and development plans

What are the benefits to the company and supervisor?

  • Increased understanding of applicant and employee capabilities
  • Discussion point if performance doesn’t match assessment
  • Visible system linking pay and performance

Benefits to employees?

  • Non-judgmental system
  • Employee ownership of personal development
  • Improved employee relations

What are the main advantages of BASA?

  • Much less effort in writing reviews
  • Easy “Short Form” with real results
  • Retained value from one review to the next

BASA is a highly transparent system which strongly encourages people to use their existing capability while it increases their awareness of necessary growth.  Achieved growth is shown in a “levels of competency” format.  This new collaborative system is more accurate, takes much less work and is well accepted by all parties.

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