Articles of General Interest


30 Years in Business – Who Knew?

2016 marks Kodyne’s 30th year in business.  How did I get here?  Read on!


Don’t Blame It On The Corporation

We’re too quick to honor corporations for being good community citizens or to blame them for the world’s problems. They don’t really exist except as a legal and tax concepts. So who should we honor for contributions to society or hold accountable when things go wrong?


For-profits and Non-profits: Similar or Different?

Just how similar are for-profit and non-profit businesses? Very similar if you consider the following 8 key items.


It’s Back-To-School Time: Do Your Homework on Patents!

Patent attorney W. Kevin Roloff gives us an overview of intellectual property law and how the patent process works.


“Do Your Homework” Applies to Trademarks and Service Marks Too!

Patent Attorney W. Kevin Roloff spells out what to do and what not to do with regard to using trademarks and service marks in your business branding.