Developing Employee, Team and Staff Capabilities

Generational Engagement – Embracing Gen Y and Gen Z

Large companies are changing their cultures and amenities to appeal to Millenial (Gen Y) and Gen Z employees.  That’s nice if you have deep pockets and lots of resources but what can small businesses do to attract and retain these workers?

What Hiring Managers Want

Hiring managers are looking for many things in a new hire but what counts most?  Is it enough to be an technical expert or is there more to the decision?

The Need For Nurturance

Entrepreneurs in business deal with a host of pressures and, often, taking care of themselves and those important to them are last on the list.  Living in isolation has its consequences.

A New Approach for Growing Employee Capabilities – Behaviorally Anchored Self Assessment (BASA)

Summerhill Associates’ BASA tool is an innovative and legally defensible tool for developing employees and can be easily incorporated into a performance management and review process. It’s been developed through years of use in manufacturing organizations with measurable success.

Minnesota Nice Ain’t Nice – Challenging the Accepted Wisdom in Communication

Minnesotans have learned to not say what they mean.  It’s the way things work around here.  But is it helpful? No way!!!

Covenants For Establishing Team Community

Crucial components for building a solid foundation that enables high performance for teams

Creative Space Model – A Tool for Teams

In the fifteen-plus years that I have been involved with teams – as a student of the team concept, a team member, a team leader, a manager and a consultant – I have learned some important lessons culled from personal experience: team members like working on teams, functional managers don’t know if they like teams or not, not everyone makes a good team member, and it’s a much more difficult to build and sustain a team over time than many people realize. For teams involved in new product development, these issues can be compounded by the need to work together in a creative environment. To do so effectively requires a heightened level of awareness from team members, team leaders, and the organizations that support them.

Hiring for Fit…to What? Strategic Interviewing and Organizational Culture

Don’t overlook organizational culture considerations in your hiring and promotion decisions. Here are some tips to making a great hire and avoiding some huge pitfalls down the road.