Considerations for Leading

and Managing Organizations


Do I Really Want to Attend That Meeting?  Insights For Successful Facilitation

Anyone love meetings?  If so, I’d like to meet you.  Here are some tips to keep your audience tuned in

Unraveling the Mystery of Organizational Culture

Culture enables an organization to succeed and grow.  But it can also keep an organization stuck in cycles of sub-optimal performance, high turnover and red ink on the bottom line.  Here are some key points to consider.

Words of Wisdom for Dealing with Adversity and Uncertainty

What do business leaders tell themselves and their staffs to get through difficult times?

Small Business Challenges in Implementing

and Managing Remote Work

2020’s Covid pandemic has created a host of challenges for businesses.  Many have moved to working remotely.  Here’s what a survey of small business owners discovered about this topic.

5 Tactics For Leading in a Crisis

What should business owners/leaders pay attention to when a crisis hits their organizations?

Succession Planning – Begin the Journey Now and Here’s How

Although we business owners tend to think we’re going to live forever, we know that’s not the case. Life changes, health changes, business changes…everything changes. Even we change, if we’d care to admit that.

Frequently Played Roles in Small Group Communication

Meetings can be more productive if everyone understands the roles played by those in attendance.

Business Leaders and Productivity

What do business leaders consider productive uses of time?  Check out the infographic, courtesy of The Alternative Board TAB.

2 Sides of Influence

Ever think about those people and experiences along the way that influenced your thinking and perspectives? I’d like to share with you some positive personal interactions with folks that have stayed with me over my years in business.  Equally influential and important are some experiences that taught me how not to run a company.

Technology Reform: The Business Transition Dilemma

Business leaders need to consider the consequences of upgrading technology to meet the needs and preferences of the growing Millenial presence in the workplace.

Organizational Effectiveness – Definitely an Inside Job

Take a look at these 4 critical items that drive organizational effectiveness from the inside out.

Stop or Go – Are You Driving Your Business With the Brakes On?

Some organizational leaders look for opportunities to NOT take chances, preferring to stay the course and keep doing what they’ve always done.  While appropriate in certain situations, managing and organization based on fear or indecision is analogous to driving your car with the brakes on.  It’s a good way to get nowhere quickly and ultimately get left behind.

The Organizational Echo – Are Your Guiding Principles Being Implemented?

Are your messages regarding your company vision, mission, values and beliefs coming back to you as behaviors in sync with these items? Consider the echo…

Change and Expectations – Steps Towards Sustainability

How do you move an organization into a state where changes are sustained? Setting clear expectations is a necessary step.

Setting the Bar Isn’t Enough – Business Leaders Need to Consider How They Frame Expectations

Creating performance expectations, standards and metrics are crucial for business success.  I propose business leaders set 2 bars when establishing these.

Don’t Make These Leadership Mistakes!

Leaders guiding organizational change need to pay attention to several critical things to prevent change initiatives from regressing back to where things were before.  It doesn’t take much for change efforts to come unglued.  Read about eight critical errors leaders need to avoid!

Change – Put it in Play

Why is it so hard to make changes and get them to stick? I explore 3 components to the change process that may shed some light.