Strategic Perspectives

Pay Attention to Your Business Ecosystems – A Key to Sustainable Success

Organizations need to understand how their internal ecosystems interact and recognize how they are dependent on each other for the survival and success of the business.

The Pro’s and Con’s of ESOPs

Considering an ESOP as an exit strategy?  Scott Nelson of B2BCFO identifies some key issues.

Challenges Involved in Small Business Mergers and Acquisitions – a Brief Overview

Small business M&A deals involve many of the same issues faced by larger, publicly held companies.  Sellers and Acquirers would do well to get their arms around these key concepts to better ensure a successful transition.

Beware of Benchmarking! 

Have you ever been tempted to benchmark your organization against others in your industry? Maybe those of you see as industry leaders? Stop!!!!! Benchmarking provides interesting information at best and big problems if you try to emulate others’ performance.

The Need For Nurturance

Kalli Matsuhashi of Executive Confidante talks about the risk entrepreneurs can face in keeping their businesses and their marriages afloat.  Waiting too long to address issues can be a deal-breaker on either front.

Do I Need Coaching or Consulting?

What’s the difference between coaching and consulting? What should I expect if I’m considering hiring a coach versus engaging a consultant?

Healthy Organizations

In addition to financial and sales perspectives, I believe an organization development viewpoint is essential when building a healthy organization. Paying attention here will help to create the environment for favorable financial and sales performance.

Strategic Planning That Works

“Give me one good reason why I should consider strategic planning for my business.” Well how about several? See what one business owner has to say about my strategic planning process.

Personal Vision – There’s Something in it For Me After All

A business should be a vehicle for taking its owner where he or she wants to go. This is difficult if owners don’t have a vision of how they want to live their lives. My strategic planning process starts right here.

Is Your Company an Asset or an Heirloom?

Family business issues become even more delicate when the current owners are considering the future ownership of the business. A business that’s been in the family for multiple generations compounds the decision and there is usually a strong emotional aspect around legacy to deal with. Families need to come to terms with how they view their company.

Organizational Performance – Getting Beyond the Financials

Your income statements, P&Ls, and balance sheets don’t tell the whole story about how well your organization is doing. There are other aspects to organizational performance to think about that can have a huge impact on financial performance.

The Two Critical Roles of the CEO

CEOs only have two jobs.  Are you doing both of them?

Why Your Company Needs a Board of Directors

A Board of Directors is not just for large companies. Savvy small business owners can reap a host of benefits from having their own boards.

Vision – Mission, Synonyms They Are Not!

Greg Kvidera of Procedo, Inc. shares his thoughts on the difference between vision and mission statements – a difference that still perplexes many small to medium-size businesses.