Considerations for Leading and Managing Organizations

Stop or Go – Are You Driving Your Business With the Brakes On?

Some organizational leaders look for opportunities to NOT take chances, preferring to stay the course and keep doing what they’ve always done.  While appropriate in certain situations, managing and organization based on fear or indecision is analogous to driving your car with the brakes on.  It’s a good way to get nowhere quickly and ultimately get left behind.

Change and Expectations – Steps Towards Sustainability

How do you move an organization into a state where changes are sustained? Setting clear expectations is a necessary step

Don’t Make These Leadership Mistakes!

Leaders guiding organizational change need to pay attention to several critical things to prevent change initiatives from regressing back to where things were before.  It doesn’t take much for change efforts to come unglued.  Read about eight critical errors leaders need to avoid!

Change – Put it in Play

Why is it so hard to make changes and get them to stick? I explore 3 components to the change process that may shed some light.